With roots dating back to the 1950’s and spanning both the European and Asian continents, this grandfather to father to son trade is more than a family business. It is an enterprise concept that founded the trade route of Bohemian Crystal into homes across the Middle East. Growing from that foundation, it continued to this day into becoming an authentic ‘lifestyle’ brand for delivering both essential and exotic precious, semi-precious, and imitation stones to customers anywhere in the world.

"The Collection" was born from the ethic of working with a movement of traders and traditional artisans, scouring the world for the highest quality materials, and shunning trends in favor of timeless pieces.

Our ever-expanding range of products also embodies a desire to create a hand-picked collection that caters to individually-minded customers seeking impeccable taste, style, and flair.

Based in Beirut, Lebanon, a cultural hub that connects East to West, "The Collection" is characterized by these bountiful multicultural influences. An unwavering commitment to craftsmanship takes us on our journey around the globe in search of the rare materials that go into our collections. Plus, the soulfulness of our handmade goods is a foundational pillar of our brand.

Our story is to provide you with what you need to tell yours.